About Gems Trendz

So, this page is supposed to be all about me and my new business venture Gem’s Trendz. Well where do I begin?

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Gemma, and I have been an animal lover ever since I could walk and most likely before that. Growing up we always had animals around us and I was lucky that we lived out in the countryside so spent most of my time trying to make friends with the local wildlife. My real enthusiasm for pets started when I was seven and my parents got me a Guinea Pig. I named him Spike as he was a beautiful big black Abyssinian Boar with lots of rosettes. Spike spent the first few months living in my bedroom and then when the summer came my dad built me a lovely big hutch and run in the garden. After about a week of him being outside we all came to the conclusion that we hated seeing any animal caged, even in a big run and decided that the garden was secure enough he could run free. To this day he was the tamest most humanised Guinea pig I ever met. He would call when he wanted feeding or time to go in, and followed you round the garden to see what you were up to or just for a scratch. He used to come in the house at night to watch TV and run free round the sitting room, where he would run off with my homework when I sat on the floor doing it. He was a huge character and one of a kind.

After Spike, I went on to decide that I wanted to work with animals and went to college to learn all about them, as well as working in a couple of local Catteries and a Pet Boarding business. From there I went into full time employment in a local Animal Rescue Centre, where I was lucky to work with lots of amazing, dedicated individuals who shared my passion.