About Gems Trendz (Continued..)

Over the years I cared for and adopted many different species of animals; these included Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Rats, Hamsters, Birds, Hedgehogs and one of my other passions Lizards.

As a pet owner I have learnt that one of the keys to happy, healthy pets is environmental enrichment and so I treat my pets to toys regularly, as well as liking them to have new collars, coats for the winter and beds when theirs become worn. Just really like we all do, but I did start becoming a little disappointed when it was always the same old products being sold, only at varying rates depending on where you went. I mean really, Britain is supposed to be the biggest pet loving nation and yet when you look at the variety you can buy it is nothing compared to, for instance the USA where there are hundreds to choose from. This all coincidentally came up in discussion with a good friend from work who proposed to me the idea of setting up a pet shop. The idea was a great temptation but, financially unrealistic for me at the time so I started thinking about what I could manage and Gem’s Trendz was born.

All the items on the website I have selected from various suppliers around the world, to hopefully give fellow pet lovers a variety of items that are slightly different, but most importantly they are affordable. The stock is limited at the moment, however at some point I hope to increase it if the demand is obvious and extend the range to give even more variety. I also would like lots of input from my fellow pet lovers, because of course just like our pets we are all different and you might have seen a really cool pet product out and about, but don’t know where to find it. So please feel free to get in touch and give me your opinion and keep an eye on my upcoming events and parties, as they may be a great opportunity for you to check out my goods in person and come have a chat to me.

I can’t wait to see what you all think and hope to make many more new friends!